DR. HENRY, YOU’RE A GENIUS!!!  My doctor just called to say my latest blood tests show that my diabetes seems to be well controlled, and my cholesterol is back to normal too.  Your diet advice and treatments have been a huge help. It’s like I’ve been telling you for years, “YOU ARE A GENIUS!”
— Bill
After nearly a year-long period of feeling sick, fatigued and catching every cold or flu bug I was exposed to—I found Dr Henry. In her expert care, my immune system has recovered and in the 3 years since, I’ve weathered even the most virulent flu seasons without getting ill! Her whole wellness, functional medicine approach has helped me immeasurably through multiple health issues. Were it not so solidly grounded in cutting-edge science, I’d say her approach is magic!
— Marina
Caring, intuitive, compassionate and a master Acupuncturist! Dr. Eileen Henry is all of the above! I began seeing her because I was experiencing severe symptoms that were caused by uterine fibroids. Not only did I not need the blood transfusions, with her experience, she was able to get me through to menopause without the recommended  hysterectomy or fibroid abalation. I can’t thank her enough and continue seeing her for general well-being and the latest anti-aging microcurrent and laser technology. I really love the results! Thanks Dr. Henry!!!
— Linda
This one is the real deal! She is up to date with cutting edge technologies like Frequency Specific Microcurrent, her genuine love of what she does creates brilliant solutions for otherwise intractable problems. She cured my kidney stones (verified by before and after 3rd party ultrasounds) and has significantly decreased my chronic back pain while significantly increasing my back function. She really cares!  
— Diane
When I first saw Dr. Henry I was suffering from digestive problems that were not diagnosed by my internist.  I was experiencing stomach bloating, flatulence, rumbling and burning after eating meals. I was told by my internist to take over the counter drugs as well as prescription medications to relieve my symptoms.  Dr. Henry, took my history, listened to my complaints and prescribed a lab test that helped to identify my digestive problems. Once she had a diagnosis, she treated the cause that alleviated symptoms and educated me as to what caused my health issue.

I found Dr. Henry to be sincere, competent and very passionate about wellness and healthy living.  I feel very fortunate to have been referred to her practice. Now I maintain a healthy and productive life style through her guidance and practice of holistic medicine.
— Lola